What to Expect From Fullerton Property Management Companies

Do you have extra properties? Have you recently gotten a new job out of state? You may decide that renting it out is good idea, and it is. You might also decide to do the work yourself. That is not a good idea. Managing a rental property is a lot more work than you think it is going to be, especially if you are trying to take care of business remotely. Handing the job over to a Fullerton property management company? Now that is a good idea!

Finding reliable tenants

You can’t tell by looking at somebody whether or not they are going to pay the rent on time and not trash your house. Advertising your rental and interviewing potential tenants takes time, and you may not know what probing questions to ask. Conducting robust background and credit checks is also time-consuming and takes a bit of know-how. A Fullerton property management company knows how to poke around and ask the right questions, things you might feel embarr

assed to ask.

Routine maintenance

Even with the best tenants, stuff breaks and houses need to be maintained. There are fences to be mended, trees to be pruned, walls to be repainted, light fixtures to replace, the list goes on. If something goes wrong in the middle of the night, like a blocked toilet or a problem with the heating in the dead of winter, who do you want your tenant to call? You, or your property management company?


When you rent a property, you need to produce a lease contract. Someone needs to collect rent and security deposits. If there is a disaster, someone needs to file a claim with the insurance company. You did think to get landlord insurance, didn’t you?

Tenant turnover

Like anybody else, tenants sometimes receive out-of-state job offers or get transferred to nearby Buena Park or Anaheim. Sometimes their circumstances change and they need a bigger, or a smaller house. Tenants move on, leases get broken. You need to start all over again with the advertising, the interviewing and the credit and background checks. Only this time, you need to prepare the property and make it feel welcoming.

Even if the tenant leaves the place immaculate, you may want to get a professional cleaning team in, give the place a lick of paint, shampoo the carpets and make any necessary repairs. This is where your Fullerton property management companies come in again.

Save yourself the headaches of maintaining your rental property. Your job as a land baron is to get the most out of your investment while spending your leisure time doing the things you love. When’s the last time you went to AMC Fullerton 20 to see a movie, with the plush reclining seats and space for your beverage on the arm rest? Would you rather stroll through Laguna Lake with its perfect fishing holes, or repair a plumbing leak? Leave the hard work of managing your rental to the Fullerton property companies, while you spend your time relaxing and making the most of the home that you are living in?

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