Finding Property Management in Costa Mesa: What to Look for and How to Find Him/Her


Finding property management in Costa Mesa should be easy, with all of the gated communities and apartment complexes, right? Well, maybe not. If you have never had to look for a property management firm or for an individual property manager, you may be at a loss as to where to look and what to look for. Here are some tips that will help you find a really good and adequately skilled property manager or management firm in Costa Mesa.serc


Hiring an Individual for Property Management


This is not something you hire a family member or close neighbor to do. There is much more involved with managing your rental property than just asking a person to show the place and sign a new tenant. When interviewing single individuals to handle property management of your rental, you need someone with all of the following:



    • Experience fixing plumbing, electrical and structural issues


    • Experience with handling “difficult” tenants


    • Experience with business and background checks


    • Experience with handling and collecting rent money


    • Experience with prepping a property for showing and cleaning a property after a tenant has left



Some of the above is optional in finding a candidate, such as a property manager who knows how to do plumbing and structural things but cannot do electrical work. You can post this as a job in the county/state job board listings as well as your local classified ads in and around Costa Mesa to get a stack of applicants, but you should only hire the one that is most able to fit all of the criteria above. You do not want to get phone calls in the middle of the night about your rental property and the need for an emergency plumber, etc.


Finding and Hiring a Property Management Firm


Finding and hiring a property management firm is a little easier than hiring an individual property manager for the simple reason that firms advertise their services and promote their companies. Most property management firms take care of all of the concerns and needs you have regarding your rental property, a real value for what they charge. Many of the firms in Costa Mesa double as real estate agencies, so if you ever want to sell your property, the firms can handle that for you as well.serc1


To find a really good property management firm, check your local listings, Yelp, and real estate boards. The best ones will have city and national accreditation and awards, along with rave reviews and ratings through the roof. Don’t overlook smaller companies, however, since the smaller firms may be more affordable and still provide the level of quality management service you would expect and receive from the larger firms. Also, it helps to interview a few tenants from a couple of properties managed by the prospective firms you are considering for hire. No one gives a more honest review than a tenant who has lived in a home or apartment building managed by a particular firm and who is asked on the spot to give an unscripted response.


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