Anaheim CA Property Management: Renting Without Hassle

Part of the Los Angeles metropolitan district, Anaheim is known for a variety of attractions, including its numerous theme parks and its two greatest sports teams: the Anaheim Ducks and the Angels baseball team. In 1857, the city was founded by German immigrants prior to becoming an official town. Until the arrival of Disneyland in 1955, the area remained largely rural. It wasn’t long afterwards that it became home to a large host of major businesses, mostly the hotel and hospitality industries. Soon afterwards, the city enjoyed a myriad of electronics industries which cropped up throughout the region, producing more jobs for people as well as career opportunities. People began to flock to the area to seek housings, and residential neighborhoods were on the rise. As of 2010, it was estimated that the entire city’s population reached 336,265. As a result, demand for housing rose, and owners saw an advantage to buy real estate and make a profit.

In Anaheim, CA, property management soon emerged as a necessity. Much like anywhere else, landlords and property owners bought so much property, yet found that keeping up with it became a nightmare as tenant demands and conflicts increased. With the increase in the city’s population and demographics, Anaheim had to examine its options and provide quality service to meet the needs of both owners and tenants alike.

As of today, Anaheim is home to at least 13 different property management companies, most of which provide online payment and support, 24-hour maintenance and emergencies, and strict tenant screening guidelines. One company, Lido Property Management, not only offers these services but will also help landlords in other areas. They provide the most thorough tenant screenings which have resulted in eviction rates as low as 1% in over ten years. Plus, their office is open seven days a week, where tenants have the option to drop off their rent in person without the hassle of taking time off from work or going online. Tenant retention services are provided, which serve to minimize conflicts and maximize the owner’s return on investment (ROI). Because Lido understands that expanding business is important, they’ve recently hired staff that is multilingual in an effort to keep up with the increasing demands of a broadening and diverse customer base.

Another company, LRS Realty and Management, specializes in a wide variety of landlord and tenant services. They offer financial statements which can be accessed online by landlords. They have 24 hour emergency maintenance services and hire live-in managers to supervise the buildings and management tenant conflicts and issues. They even help to formulate strategic plans to assist landlords with property-related issues as they arise. Good tenant-landlord communication is strongly encouraged, and periodic property inspections are performed to ensure that each and

every residence is well within compliance of the city’s building code. Plus, rent collection and eviction procedures are strictly enforced. Their services not only include Anaheim, but extend well within Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

With an ever expanding city and an increasingly mobile population, real estate investments arise as an opportunity. But with opportunity comes responsibility. For those who are seeking to make multiple investments, it pays to have a good, quality property management company at hand. The only thing left to do is to deposit the rent money.

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